It's the 1st day in the 1st grade!

I can't believe that summer is over and school is here once again! And, I can't believe Dakota is in the 1st grade! How time flies when you're having fun!

Tuesday, August 14th...Look out Miss S. Qualls and the Temple Baptist Academy, here she comes! Dakota woke up bright and early this morning and was ready to go! She got all fancied up and had her breakfast in record time. We were out the door and at school 10 minutes early! Can you believe it? I promise you, that will never happen again!

Dakota pranced in to class with backpack, lunch box and water bottle in hand. All her supplies were already there; she had deposited all of them at the PTO on Friday night. She was in her desk and ready for mom and the boys to leave! We departed, actually very gracefully with no tears (except for the boys, who wanted to stay with Sissy or wanted her to come with us).

Miss S. Qualls, we're praying for you! Thank you for influencing Dakota's life. She is already "in love" with you!

I hope your first day at school is a great one, Dakota! We have been missing you and praying for you all day! Can't wait to see you at pick-up time!

The Splash Pad!

On Thursday, August 9th, I organized a class outing for my Sunday School class. Being that they are all 2 years old, it actually turned out quite well! We went to the splash pad at Carl Cowan Park in Farragut. Moms, 2 year olds, siblings and other friends that were invited were among the crowd. We practically took over the entire splash pad and picnic area! We had a very good turnout!

Dakota, Dawson and Donovan tagged along (obviously), and they had a blast! Between playing in all that water, they "grazed" on their lunch. It turned out to be the hottest day of the summer, 102 degrees!!! It was a great day to get wet! With the mixture of sun, water, food and lots of running around, the kids all "passed out" on the way home. It was great fun and overall a great day!

Fireballs is our name, and T-ball is our game!

On Tuesday, August 7th, I signed Dakota up for t-ball. What was I thinking??? Just one more thing to add to the agenda, right?!

Dakota's best friend's, Cassie, uncle is coaching a girls' t-ball team this year. Cassie was going to play and invited Dakota to join her. We went to let Dakota practice with the team and decide if she really wanted to do this or not. Of course, she loved it!!!

She was hooked from the get-go! She later told me that she was "the greatest ever" t-ball player and that her coach is "oh so cool"! Obviously, I went ahead and signed her up that night. She will practice two evenings each week and will start games in September.

Dawson was very upset that he couldn't play; I'm going to try to find a boy's team for him to play on later this fall. I can only do one kid and sport at a time!

Donovan didn't really care that he wasn't on a team. He just like throwing balls and running around everywhere! There's a dog that has claimed the ballfield as his home, and Donovan has claimed the dog!

Needless to say, my bathtub turned red within seconds of immersing three very dirty children!!! Actually, it was four kids! Cassie spent the night with Dakota after t-ball. I think both of my tubs are stained permanently! Oh well - at least they all slept good that night!

Stacy's Daycare!

On Friday, August 3rd, Katie Newport was here for the day. She had actually come and spent the night the day before. Her grandmother was in the hospital and her parents needed a little extra help. Dakota and her get along great and had a really good time. We didn't really get to do anything very exciting. There were a lot of every day chores to do, so they mainly just hung out and played here at the house. We did go to Walmart; that's always exciting for little girls!!!

Later on in the morning, Tim and Kelsey Lott dropped off their boys, Beau and Jud. Kelsey had her gallbladder removed and they needed someone to watch the boys while they were at the hospital. Dakota thought she was the one being asked to babysit. Therefore, she took the task very seriously! Dawson tried to "help", but Jud ended up crying every time he saw Dawson. Donovan enjoyed having someone smaller than himself around. He thought he was big stuff!

All in all, everyone did really well. Can you imagine that I actually got all four of the boys down for a nap at the same time? Am I good or what? Not really - just lucky!!! Dakota and Katie played very quietly and were so good while they were napping!

Later that afternoon, Katie got picked up and took Dakota home for a sleep-over at her house. Dakota was more than thrilled by that point to get away from the boys! Her babysitting duties were shirked for more exciting events. Swimming being at the top of her list!

The Lott boys got picked up after Tim got Kelsey settled at home. They were so sweet and such good boys! Kelsey, we're praying for you! I'll keep your boys anytime - they were great! Tim, you'd better take good care of Kels! I know you will; you're great! Let me know if I can do anything to help you guys!

Dawson was devastated that "Sissy" got to go somewhere, so I promised him a special Friday evening of "boy" fun! Guess where he picked to go? The Mall!!! We did go walk around and looked at the Disney store (his favorite place) and ate at the eatery. Later on at home, they did take a "manly" bubble bath. We had a lot of water not in the tub, but they had a ton of fun!

Doctors' Appointments Galore!

On Thursday, August 2, we had too many doctors' appointments!!! The day started off with a dentist appointment for Dawson. He had one cavity to be filled and two teeth with no enamel to be fixed. He did really well and even wore the dreaded "elephant nose" (laughing gas) with no problem. He made it through the cavity being filled, before he started pitching a royal fit. Dr. Townsend, the nurse and I tried to calm him down and finish up to no avail! Now, we "get" to go back again to fix the other two teeth! This time they've prescribed him so medicine that will really calm him down before they get started. Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

Our friends, the Naugles, had appointments right after ours. So, Mary Elizabeth and I took turns watching each others' kids during the visits. They were all very good and it didn't take too long! After that, we all headed to the house for some playtime and lunch. Ethan, Ben and Noah are so sweet and my kids had a blast with them! Dakota just adores Mary Elizabeth and claimed her to show off all her "girly" stuff.

Doctors' appointments were next. Dakota had her school physical and an exam on her wart that just won't go away. She had two shots and blood work done. Poor kid! Imagine this! Her cholesterol is high (like her daddy)! We're waiting on the blood work to come back to find out if she needs to go on medication for that or not. Plus, she has to see a dermatologist regarding her wart.

I talked to the doctor about Dawson's hyperactivity and aggressiveness. He suggested several books by Dr. James Dobson and then did a quick physical on Bubba. Come to find out, he has an accelerated heart rate (like his daddy) and therefore high blood pressure. That could explain a lot of the hyperactivity. So, they have put him on blood pressure medicine for the time being. We are doing a little experiment to see if this works, and he has a follow up next week.

Donovan also has a wart, that has now spread to two. So, he will be going to the dermatologist with Dakota to have it checked out! Dakota is wondering why he has warts, because he didn't even kiss that frog. (She did kiss a frog - her Grandpa made her do it - her version of the story.)

All in all, the kids are really healthy. I am very blessed that none of their problems are major. The Lord has been good to us!

Playdate at the Vaught's!

On Wednesday, August 1st, Lynn Vaught invited us over for a play date. Her kids, Lauren, Tyler and Matthew are very close to my kids in age. Lauren and Dakota were in Kindergarten and actually had their birthday party together.

We ate pizza, swam in their pool and played with every toy they owned! The kids really seemed to get along - even though my kids are crazy and Lynn's are so quiet. Dakota and Lauren "scrap booked" for a while; they had to lock the boys out. The four boys played train set and Dawson got to ride in the John Deere tractor (the toy he most envied and has been begging for). I didn't get one picture, even though I took my camera. Oh well!

Us moms hung out in the living room and talked. We did help straighten up the disaster we made and then headed home for much needed naps before church. We all had a great time! Thanks for the invite! Good times and great summer memories!

Lynn is such a sweet person and I have enjoyed getting to know her better this summer! She has been a great encouragement to me lately! Thanks, Lynn, for the listening ear and the all the prayers! You've been a blessing to me!

One busy Tuesday!

Tuesday, July 31st, was one busy day! I volunteered to keep Kelsey Lott's boys, Beau and Jud, while she went to the doctor for her pre-op. She is having terrible gallbladder attacks and is going to have it removed.

She dropped her boys off around 9:00am. They were great! My kids had such a good time with them! Dakota thought she was officially in charge of all the boys. She bossed them all around unmercifully! Beau loved all the girl toys that are officially "off limits" (not manly enough), and Jud loved being pushed around in Dakota's shopping buggy! They were so good and we all had a good time! Their mommy was back before no time and we spent some time yakking!

Around 11:30am, I met Jane McGee up at Chick-fil-a for lunch. She had a doctor's appointment for two of her boys, and I kept the other three up at the playground for her. She got back around 1:00pm, and we all headed back to the house for a while. A long while!!! Try 6:00pm!!! She went through my baby boy clothes to find some that might fit her baby; the kids destroyed the house and yard; etc... It was fun, though, except for all the clean-up!

I was pooped, to say the least, after all that! I couldn't wait for bedtime for my kids! It was a good, but busy day!!!